Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I have been pretty busy over the past 3 years working in Telegael as a Character/Prop designer and working on VFX for different projects from time to time. I haven't really been able to show any of the work due to shows not airing yet and other legal issues. I can however say that I have some nice pages highlighting my work and I will upload them when I can.

For now though you'll have to be content with this and know that I have some good stuff in the pipeline.

"Blue hat"

Here is a run down of my work over the past few years.
Concept Artist, Character/Prop Designer, Layout & VFX
Bubble Bath Bay (TV Series)
Norm of the North (Feature Film)
Blinky Bill (Feature Film)
Blinky Bill (TV Series)
Skinner Boys (TV Series)
Lexie & Lottie (TV Series)


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