Monday, March 20, 2017

Iron Fist

Poor Finn Jones has been taking a bashing from critics for his portrayal of Danny Rand in Netflix's Iron Fist. The truth is that the show is good. (IMO). Now is it as good as Daredevil season 1 or 2 or Jessica Jones, then no it's not. It is however, just as good as Luke cage though and Luke Cage was great. I recommend you give it a shot. Anyways here is something quick and inky. I might update this later. Put some more time into it.

"Danny Rand is the Iron Fist"

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Collider Heroes 100th Episode

In honour of the 100th Episode for Collider Heroes, I made up a couple of variation comic covers for the occasion. The image is inspired by the All New X-Men cover by the extremely talented Mark Bagley.

Variant 1
Variant 2

Collider Heroes 100 Starring Jon Schnepp, Robert Meyer Burnett, Amy Dallen, John Campea, Ashley Robinson, David Griffin & Jason Inman.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I saw this film and it stuck with me for days after. It is fantastic. Not a perfect film but a very strong film that I will see it again. Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart and the rest of the cast were great and I am sad to see this being the last one with Jackman and Stewart but the finished up with one hell of a bang.

" One Last Time Bub"