Saturday, May 8, 2010

Final shot

So this is a rendered still where I am revealing the look of my film. A week to go and I decide what it will look like.......great timing I know. Thats what I get for not having a production plan written down. Any way this is the final look and its taken from the final scene. Let me know what you think.......ASAP


  1. Nice work Griffo!!;)
    if you looking for feedback...if u have the time at the end i would prob soften up the clouds and darken the characters so there's more of a silhouette going on. at the moment the colours of the characters clothes and the sky are very close and my eye goes to the contrast first which is the white of the clouds. its not a major thing but thats my two cents;) cant wait to see the final film!!

  2. Yeah that makes sense. Maybe some blur on things that are far away if you have the backgrounds broken up in aftereffects